To play the game please visit: feud.json.scot. An MMORPG Diplomacy sim built right into the Browser. Featuring the five cities of sennwyr equipped with a robust diplomacy system, players will find themselves taking part in quests, player-to-player and player-environment combat, monsters to bosses, dungeons and raids. Those who find themselves within sennwyr have a multitude of ways to play the game the way they want to play. Diverse playstyles, group activities and roleplaying are encouraged and many of the mechanics are intended to facilitate this.


The game is built by two Students in the Highlands of Scotland, Jason & Scott. Our developer team is likely to remain small but we are always open to suggestions on how to improve our development process or the game its self so feel free to contact us feedback@json.scot

The Team

Other than the developers we have many people involved in the day to day running of things.

Ad-HOC data engineer

We have Lewis Brogan occupying this role, Lewis' main responsibilities includes DB level optimisations and model building.

Feedback Team

The feedback team is lead by Noq, the feedback team is the buffer from the general playerbase and the developers. Noq is responsible for prioritisation of tasks and fixes.

Community Team

The community team is responsible for shaping the community, ensuring the playerbase has a happy gaming experience. The community team lead is V1rkie. The community team lead handles the moderation of the game and the staff that includes.

Join us

We are looking for more members of the public to take part in balancing discussions, we urge you to contact us at balancing@json.scot