Welcome to the game.

One of the first things you have to do as a new player is select a village. This is an important step and the beginning of your journey in Sennwyr. Each village is unique, so you should be careful which one you pick. As this is an important decision, if you would like to find out more about specific villages you can find that here.

Once you have selected your village you will be taken to the dashboard of the game. Congratulations you can now play!

Your character statistics can be found on your Profile. Characters have a few categories of skills available in the game. The categories are Artisan, Gathering & Combat skills.

Each skill has its own Experience value and a maximum level of 99. Every few levels of a skill will unlock a new piece of content for you to access. Some content will be tailored towards generating resources, currency or experience.

Here's a quick table of planned skills and their Categories:

    Woodcutting                      - gain wood resources           | used in Cooking
    Mining                           - gain ore, gem resources       | used in Smithing & Crafting
    Foraging                         - gain herbs, berries resources | used in Alchemy
    Fishing                          - gain fish resources           | used in Cooking

    Crafting(Leatherworks, gemworks) - make light equipment and jewellery
    Smithing(metalworks)             - make metal equipment
    Alchemy(herbworks)               - make buffs, potions etc
    Cooking(meatworks)               - make health recovering food


Gathering skills

Woodcutting allows you to cut trees for wood. There is a base rate of experience you can earn per successful action which can be modified with additional variables. These are yet to be defined. All of the gathering skills will work the same way for the most part. There will be various tiers of each resource the player can gather based on their level and equipment. Generally resources gained from gathering skills will go into either directly funding your account by selling them to traders or the exchange. Resources may also be spent on various artisan skills. Gathering skills also on tick have a chance at rolling the gathering skills global loot table which includes lots of juicy rewards including some powerful tools to aid in gathering skills and automation items for the artisan skills!

Artisan skills

Artisan skills include the combination of one resource with a multitude of others to garner some useful result. Be it armours, foods or potions. By low tier items not being dropped by bosses and keeping the NPC loot pool separate we can keep a healthy price on low tier items and make it so the newer players can still contribute valuable resources to their village OR sell them to the market and make some side money. A lot of the best equipment in the game will require high artisan levels. Players should aim to level these high as fast as possible in order to engage in raids and dungeons earlier should they be combat inclined.


Combat in the game is turn-based. Events are real-time and caught as they happen. You can attack or be attacked by players of the enemy factions that are the same rank as you or one above/below you. You don't lose items on death but will need to pay for your character to be healed or alternatively wait for a member of the village to heal you. Click here to find out more about combat.

hint: use the TavernChat to request a revive from a medic!